Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thomas Marshall Does It All: Blogiversary Giveaway

This is one of my favorite blogs to visit since it's about a very cute little boy named Thomas who is blind and his mom, Jessica, has shared so much information that is out there for parents of children who are blind.  Many tips I gained were through her blog.  Now she's having a 'blogiversary' giveaway!  If your child is blind, go over and leave your email address and a blurb about your child in the comments section to be eligible for a drawing (May 3rd) for a free braille book. She's giving away two books. Even if you don't come away with the goodies, you  have a whole blog of hers to enjoy and learn from like I always have.

Thomas Marshall Does It All: Blogiversary Giveaway: Thomas last spring when I started the blog. The pictures at the top of the page are all about a year old, and so is this blog! It's ...

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