Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Parallel Experience Between Blind People and Deaf People

A fellow mom posted a thoughtful question in a Facebook group for parents of kids with microphthalmia and anophthalmia.  I quickly saw a parallel experience between blind people and Deaf people regarding their level of sight or hearing.  My reply is below:

"Wow, I think there's a parallel here between blindness and deafness! It is hard to deal with losing something, for sure. A drawn out process crossing the threshold. For those of us born deaf or blind or both... we don't really know what we're missing. The way we are, that's it. That's how things are and will always be. Vision loss or hearing loss doesn't apply to those of us who were born already blind or deaf... we didn't lose anything! What I think is beautiful and inspirational are people who are happy and comfortable in their own skin despite constant struggles whether deaf, blind or deafblind. Also, the thinking that hard of hearing people is "better" than Deaf people... the thinking happens vice-versa, too, as people in denial. That seems like 2 'camps' here but there's so many different opinions, philosophies, beliefs. People even move between 'camps' through their life! In the end... the degree of sight or hearing needs to be tossed out the window and instead we should appreciate their communication ability/options and personalities. Celebrate and support the whole person. Amen."

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