Friday, March 2, 2012

Orion's Physical Progress

This month, a gait trainer was introduced to Orion as well as our doorway bouncer was reintroduced. From time to time he has used the mobile stander (a wheelchair where you stand, not sit). I appreciate the different ways we can have him experience being upright.  We've also tried to keep sitting up fun for him.  Give him a cookie, clap hands, try out some toys and 'real things'.  The vertical frequency increased this month and I believe I have that, along with his lovely physical therapists, to thank for his surprise stand on Leap Day.
Orion stands assisted (1st time!) by Giselle, PT at Kendall School, on Feb 29th. Nice surprise!
Finishing up an unplanned meal in a booster at a friend's home. (2/25/12) His balance and stability was really good.

At a Gallaudet University Women's Basketball game. (2/12/12)
A different perspective on women's basketball. From foreground to background: Anastasia, Skyler and friends Keanu and Denali.

The doorway bouncer has be re-introduced. (No immediate crying like last time.) Any little movement by Orion makes him move.  We wanted him to realize that.  He enjoys mouthing/feeling the bath boat and eating cheese puffs from the tray.  With something for him to do, he does not mind being in this position.  He's been in it as long as 20 minutes.