Thursday, June 20, 2013

Delicious Crumbs of Progress

Two brothers, Orion and Skyler. 6/9/2013 

From my Facebook wall on 6/9/2013:

"Loooove what I saw Orion doing yesterday... he was scratching his thigh, rolled over and played with the TV remote when he found it. It's almost like a couch potato thing to do...
The milestone here is scratching. I have never ever seen him scratch any other part of his body than rubbing his nose or eyes. He unfortunately was dined upon by bugs so the itching need was so great. He scratched and scratched.. yayy! Umm... too much! No. Ahh! (Distracted him with something.) Whew. Don't want him scratching himself raw. :P"

On the 10th, he had a great home visit with his ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) SLP (speech-language teacher). He reached for her hand and brought it to the vibrating massager, for her to activate it. It was no fluke, he did it again and again.

He had a bath after dinner to get the yummy yellow rice off of him. Near the end of the bath, he rolled over a full rotation in the tub, lifting his head when he was on his stomach. He tried it again and got too much water in his face that resulted in sputtering and sneezing.

The morning of June 11th, my little assistant physical therapist in Orion's big brother Skyler, made him stand on the floor at the edge of our bed.  After struggling and bumping his legs around, Orion got a foothold on the frame and climbed up on the top of the bed.*

Posted on my Facebook wall on Tuesday the 18th:

Orion's physical progress update: 
Nice beginning-of-session gift for Mom and early intervention physical therapist at home this morning. Orion scooted himself backwards on his hands/elbows and knees, lifted his bottom onto his feeding chair (that has a thing that goes between legs to block sliding out of the seat) and with a little help lifting his upper body he sat back! Time for us to find a nice kid-sized armchair so Orion can keep practicing this skill.

This morning, Thursday the 20th, in our family room, Orion practiced getting up on all fours: knees, hands with his head up.  Skyler and Tasia were hollering and yelling to let me know it was going on.  His head still seemed somewhat heavy for him, not used to being held in that position.  What a sight!

So many little milestones, stretched out over time. I know, I keep saying it... it's like a sunset that we all know is gorgeous but still need to remark, discuss and describe it in words.

* After that great slideshow of Orion climbing onto Mattress Mountain, we finally got our bed frame out of storage and set it up in our bedroom.  It was among the last of few trips to storage before we finally closed our account after we started our moving preparations back in Maryland 13 or 14 months ago.

We were pleased with Orion's appropriate reaction to Mom's new pink discus.
June 6, 2013.