Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Orion's Shopping Cart Expedition

Orion rode in a little shopping cart at Rite Aid just off 197 after his PT session this afternoon.  I pushed him around carefully and didn't have to right him at all. Yay! 

His PT at RSI commented once again that Orion's constantly improving.  LIttle improvements, still precious and important.  He's been crying much less at his visits, some visits there were no cries at all.  Last week and today during parts of the session, he sat alone unassisted while his PT guarded with her arms ready to catch him if he topples over.  It's looking a lot more like when I take him in for his 2nd birthday photos, he'll sit by himself.  I'm hoping by that time he can get himself in the sitting position and safely back down.

One day last month Orion lifted his head over and over, seemingly amused with it. I got it on video!  He has always been able to get up on his knees, hands and forehead but twice in perhaps the last 2 weeks I saw him lift his head while in that position.  Go go go!

His PT at Kendall School got a full time job elsewhere, we'll miss her!  Tomorrow is her last day.  (There will be a replacement at Kendall, of course, to continue Orion's IFSP goals.)  She and other PTs have helped Orion make progress physically. 

I leave you with a couple pictures from one of Tasia's most recent unexplained destructions.  I love that she wrote a sentence and tried to spell 'accident' and taped it onto her pajamas along with the swatch of she 'accidentally' cut out.  I tried not to laugh when she solemnly brought it to my attention.


  1. Yay Orion! I can't wait to see his 2nd birthday pics when he's sitting up proud. :) and I had to chuckle when I saw Tasia's note. My kids does that too (try to spell hard words)... It's a keepsake.

  2. Yeah, a keepsake for sure! Boy, kids are a lot of work but they sure are entertaining, too. Thank God! ;)


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