Thursday, May 14, 2015

That's Orion's Seat!

Orion is not actively expressing himself using sign language but does sign something once in a while, the top three most used Orion-expressed signs are bread, milk,  and more.  We are committed to exposing him to tactile ASL and still using touch cues, object cues and tactile symbols during his routines at school and at home.

I followed behind Orion and his teacher into the TSD Pre-School lunch room to observe them using tactile symbols and tactile sign language during lunch time with the now and finish boxes.  I saw some activity amongst the 4 little kids at one table and later learned that one little guy told one little girl in cute little sign language, "That's Orion's seat!  You need to move."  I did see Orion walk with assistance behind one seated boy to settle down next to him in his designated seat.  It was bizarre and heart-warming to see Orion among kids of similar size, having walked and sat down in a typical classroom seat and eating with his hands just like the other kids.  Orion doesn't try to interact with the other kids but I appreciated the kids acknowledging him.

A boy sitting across the table from Orion turned around to me and signed, "ORION SWIPES [signs swipe off side of head]."  (Orion knocks his cochlear implant off.)  I replied confirming his statement, "YES, ORION TEND SWIPE." (Orion tends to knock his cochlear implant off.)
Orion, mid-chew, holds a sandwich in his right hand while his teacher holds his attached CI processor off his left shoulder.

Orion ate at Orion-pace and the other Pre-Schoolers were settling down for nap while Orion was almost finished with his lunch.  The lights were turned off.  Orion was unaffected and the adults working with him, including myself, transitioned to moving around in darkness.

I mused that totally DeafBlind people probably chuckle at sighted people when the power goes out.   I know who to seek in these situations!