Wednesday, October 26, 2022

An Unexpected Orion Skill: Window Treatment Artist

Heather Withrow
October 26, 2022

I thought I should share one of Orion's latest window treatment projects. I've included photos of the process and how it gets his "community" involved.

Aiko peers back at me from outside the window through Orion custom-separated honeycomb blinds (inner cords visible). Me, the octop Mom who was able to photograph the photos in this post. Photo was taken at night. Aiko is a white German Shepherd Dog.

See how the artist, Orion, compels his community to take part in the activity?

Description: Shot of two hands addressing a split honeycomb blind, the left hand is holding an upper section downward as the right hand has a blue mini stapler.

The co-creator (Mom) staples the two sections back together. 
Description: honeycomb blind, two hands-- left hand is holding two separated parts together that you don't see the split anymore and the right hand is holding a little blue stapler.

Check out the honeycomb blinds bling! 

Ok. Multiple staples per row... and at least 4 rows of staples. Orion has an interesting artistic process going on here. Only the artist knows when to stop adding "brushstrokes". 

Description: The majority of this image is a crumpled blinds with staples "bling" going on. The window on the right, is yet another window with honeycomb blinds that are vertically, asymmetrically split in two.  

The artist, Orion, deep in his creativity.*

In this photo, Orion brought down the bottom of the honeycomb shade to behind his head and neck--- as if he's showing off how easy it is to do this. 

Description: Orion is on. his stomach on a bed that is in front of two windows. The blinds he has managed to pull down/separate is from the window on the left. The inner cords are visible from where he has accomplished separation. The window on the right shows darkness outside, the blind is up and spared... briefly!

*Note: We specifically installed CORDLESS honeycomb blinds because of the risk of children/pets becoming dangerously entangled in blinds that have cords. Now that Orion has exposed them, we're keeping the blinds up and out of reach if we can help it. We need to find a new "artistic medium" for Orion! I'm so glad we're also past the "That's no chocolate!" stage, too. Grin.