Monday, August 27, 2018

Insights on Similarly-Sized Hands

By Heather Withrow

Orion always seemed to have a little more patience for little hands, even as a toddler in center-based early intervention programs (Kendall School's Parent-Infant Program & Texas School for the Deaf's Toddler Learning Center). He spent more time allowing and thinking about the hands of his similarly-sized peers. People who know Orion have recognized that there is something special about little hands for him!

I had a conversation with Eddie Madera at the National Family Association for Deaf-Blind (NFADB) conference that was hosted in July 2016 in Austin, Texas. He brought up hand sizes, how similarly sized hands were easier for him to feel/receive. That made sense... Orion liked little hands perhaps because he could recognize the other hand's dimensions quickly due to it's similar small size.

Enjoy this video of Orion's big brother and I talking about similarly-sized hands! Skyler's clip was from July 2016 and my part was from early 2018.