Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I first realized the overuse of Mom while reading a blogpost at "What I Would Tell You", by Julie Keon,  This is a heart-touching blog.  There's reminiscing I can relate to as well as  things and perspectives to reflect on.

I wouldn't know how annoying being called Mom is in the hospital setting.  I'd like to really understand whatever it is they're saying. I'd love to be annoyed by repetitive "Mom"s because it'd mean I understand what the doctor or nurse says the first time around, even if the conversation is not with me. Mom said, Mom claims, Mom denies, Mom reports, etc...  I've read those in reports.

It's precious when your child calls you, "Mom", yes, but not every minute or two! Especially after you just got your train of thought back on the tracks.  Aaaah!

When I had to bring Tasia to the E.R. at Children's in September for a concerning abscess in her leg, the first sign of overusing "Mom" came up.  Tasia matter of fact-ly told a doctor that my name was Heather.  The doctor chuckled, acknowledged Tasia and called me Heather.  I can imagine how weird it is for Tasia to have doctors call me Mom when they are clearly not one of her siblings!

Tasia was admitted and discharged more than 24 hours later.  It was a different experience while staying with Tasia from my experience with Orion.  I never knew doctors could be entertaining!  Next time, I'll tell them to look for money in MY ears then skip off to the vending machines.

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