Monday, December 19, 2011

Jingle Bell Reach

December 8, 2011

During the morning home visit by Orion's teachers from Prince George's County, a set of sleigh bells were jingled near Orion.  Orion, laying down, reached out with his left arm as if to find the source of sound.  That very afternoon at Johns Hopkins, I shared the story with Orion's auditory trainer (sorry I don't recall the right title).  She has been using jingle bells with Orion during past sessions and during this session she added a new set of jingle bells.  She shook it a long time several times before Orion, sitting up supported between my legs, reached out with both hands. Coooool! The reaching out was not a fluke. To me, this is important not just because he heard it but that he was curious about something in his environment.

Since then, we haven't seen this reaching.  We haven't been able to keep his CI on long enough or have to take it off since he apparently has lower tolerance due to a current ear infection.

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