Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanking the Stars

Happy Thanksgiving!   Recently, I was describing my wish to protect people's privacy with our blog.  Friends, teachers and service providers have remained nameless out of respect for their privacy. (Feel free  to let me know you don't mind me recognizing you by name.) Organizations, programs, fellow bloggers and presenters' names, yes, I share because I want you to know how many wonderful programs and contacts there are out there that you can seek if you need support and guidance.  I never forgot thinking during my pregnancy with Orion and his early months on the outside that there wasn't enough information out there.  I'm glad I learned the opposite is true, there's so many people and resources out here!   I want to make it clear that we have boundless thanks for Orion's extended family, teachers, service providers, consultants, friends, little friends and their moms and dads for being a part of Orion's life whether it is little or profound, directly or indirectly, cross-country or right here with us. Each one of you count.  Every one of you are a twinkle in Orion's sky. Thank You!   Hugs, The Withrow Family

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