Sunday, March 6, 2011

Heads Up!

Orion is now 7 1/2 months old.

Knowing Orion lifted his head on Monday (2/28), I watched him for it on Tuesday (3/1).. nothing. Then on Wednesday at PIP and again during our Prince Georges Co. ITP visit on Thursday, Orion lifted his head... a lot! There's three things that comes to mind that helped him: 1) he's older, obviously; 2) the STARband (helmet) inadvertently worked well as a 'training' weight; 3) the loaner wedge PG Co's physical therapist left with us worked out for Orion. The wedge is around 40 degree triangle that Orion laid tummy-down, head pointed up, on and we helped him lift his head then he started finding a way.... it started out with him rolling his head onto his arm/shoulder and then to what looked like an uncomfortable 'heads up' position, all with the STARband on. His STARband was off on 2/28 and then it came off full time on 3/2, so his head has been weight-free since then. The helmet created what looked like a friction burn on his forehead so I took it off so his skin could heal. Orion hasn't really lifted his head much over the weekend, we need to go back to #2 and #3 on what preceded Orion's latest accomplishment. Work, work, seƱor, work!

There's more updates, regarding Orion's shells and his recent visit to the audiologist at Johns Hopkins, but I wanted to get this one out the door.

Big sister Anastasia (newly 5) and little brother Orion (newly 7 months old).

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