Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chewie Orion

On March 24, 2011, while driving I spied Orion holding the pacifier to his mouth, probably chewing on it. This has since then become a regular sight. Orion's been chewing, chewing, chewing a lot, putting our 2 dogs to shame. He officially now has 4 teeth poking through his gums. I can't wait until all 4 comes into full view! Also, letting him chew on our fingers is no longer fun!

His sleep fell out of whack again but once again we are slowly returning to the desirable sleep-through-the night format. I don't mind waking up once a night, compared to two or three times a night.

Orion can hold the bottle for himself when he's laying on his back, a lot of the time some milk dribbles down the sides of his cheeks and other times when he knows somebody's holding the bottle he'll just pull his hands away from the bottle as if, "Gotcha, now you work!" Just this morning, Thomas saw Orion sign milk. This afternoon, Orion held the bottle by himself from start to finish without dribbling milk down the sides of his cheeks. The work shall continue for him to be master bottle-holder. :)

When we return from leaving an alert Orion by himself, and he senses us, he raises his hands as if ready to receive a bottle or a hand. This doesn't always happen but it has caught my eye and I hope to get that on video.

He is becoming more aggressive in his 'little room', making me go, "Wow!" A lot of the time he seems to lay there and ponder, clasping his hands together. Other times he's checking out the mini slinky I attached to the play gym. The fabric book with rubber teething corners seem to make him very active with his feet. He's so happy in his little room. It's amazing how much he has grown and is able to do since his early days in the play gym, this link will take you to a blog post where he is almost 3 months old in the video.

This video of Orion (8 months old) in his Play Gym is 5 minutes long with Anastasia eventually showing up. Grab your favorite drink and relax, you will also be rewarded with Orion's giggles at the very end of the video. Enjoy!

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