Monday, February 28, 2011

Orion's Highchair Adventures

Fun title, huh? OK, nothing like an Indiana Jones movie here. During the past month, we've started adding baby food to his routine. At first I was concerned about him pushing the baby food back out of his mouth with his tongue. Turns out it's normal with all babies and their first baby food experiences. He's doing wonderfully, especially with sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas. In the video below, Orion stars as the baby during a typical highchair feeding session. How does he know the food's coming? There's even a bonus scene of him reacting to green beans!

Also, today Orion lift his head up while laying on his tummy and held it up for 1, maybe nearly 2 seconds, twice! He was smiling while doing this.


  1. haha! i just love his reaction towards beans! whoo hoo! a classic response, indeed! :) he's just so adorable. tapping his cheek before feeding-- great idea! things we take for granted... wow. tks for sharing. :)

  2. I react that way to green beans, too!


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