Monday, December 7, 2015

December 2015: Guest Moderating at Communication Matrix Community

UPDATE: I added links below to the posts I wrote exclusively for the Communication Matrix community through the end of December 2015. I also enjoyed interacting with community members via comments.  Although I had my two cents to offer, I came away learning so much from our community.

Hi friends and family! I've been invited to guest moderate at Communication Matrix Community, contributing from the viewpoint of a parent with a DeafBlind child. Also, the Communication Matrix is an awesome tool to see where a child is at, communication wise. Come check the posts and the Matrix out. No need for choosing a blue or red pill, it's all about communication!

Please follow this link to read my first post there: Any Communication is still Communication   This post covers what I believe as a Deaf mother of Deaf, Hearing and DeafBlind children about our communication for our children and others.

Father and Son Enjoy a Finger-Tapping Conversation
Turn taking is a communication skill. Not only that, they truly connected with one another and enjoyed it. Vocabulary shouldn't be the only goal you have...

Your Flyswatter vs. The Good Fairy
This darned fairy gets in the way of concept development and makes us totally miss the delicious opportunities for expanding on an activity or object.

Mommy Loves the Communication Matrix
...It helps us recognize and explain to our community about our children’s ‘voices’ or ‘touch”, that many people probably never realized or appreciated were meaningful communication.

Video: Talking and Eating (with Orion)
This post leads to a video where I entice my DeafBlind 5 year-old son Orion to feel my signs.

Photo description: From left to right in this black and white image focusing only on the heads of three siblings: big brother Skyler, little brother Orion and big sister Anastasia.  Skyler and Anastasia's heads are turned toward Orion, kissing his cheeks.
Photo credit: Clare Cassidy Photography, September 2014.

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