Sunday, June 22, 2014

Video: Burger Master

This video was recorded on June 1st.  I was so excited about Orion signing two things- MORE and SANDWICH and him using my hand to get the burger then bring it up to his mouth.

Also he is sitting in a chair without a booster seat or in a high chair.  He would bend backward crazily in the booster seat and in the high chair he kept crying and trying to slide out.  I decided to put these aside and set him down in a typical chair, he responded well. This is where he is in this video.

I would've loved to blog more often but didn't have the extra time to do this.  Orion started being very clingy back in March, through April and most of May before he was more comfortable to be left alone to play for a few minutes and then there's the end-of-year school events for all three kids.  It's my plan you'll hear from me more often this summer!

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