Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little Gifts as Precious as Diamonds

(My Facebook status, 4/10/2014)- 

Orion has given me gifts tonight. It was a looooong day and I don't mind that but it turned out to be a special day after all. He's been generally happy and pleasant at home and school for the last couple of weeks than he has been in a long while. It has been balanced by him having to have someone with him practically all the time (which is perfectly understandable and a great sign). Tonight, I tactile signed "eat" and he immediately copied me (with the back of his hand on his mouth) grinned and got all excited, flapping his hands, wiggling his legs. He was so proud of himself, I signed "yes" on his body to affirm his sign. (Then I fed him.) At bedtime, I tapped underneath his elbows (our touch cue for 'get up'), he cooperated and pushed with his legs to stand up as I held his hands. Now wait for it….. he took steps (forward and sideways) as I held/guided him at his armpits to our bedroom. He touched the door frame and strike plate, stepped into the room and tried to climb our footboard once he felt it. Fast forward to me settling him down on his mat and blanket which was covering the mat. He scooted over enough to get his legs underneath the blanket and practically just got himself "in bed". Little, yet, profound accomplishments by our Orion…

(Let me emphasize this: The word "little" in my vocabulary is not conventional, except for those of us in the "special needs" community. Another face of a little diamond: Think of a chihuahua who doesn't know he's little.---H)

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