Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Orion!

Wow, Orion Theodore Withrow, it's been an adventure!  Three whole years since you arrived on July 19, 2010!  Now, adventure may be an understatement but we look forward to more.  Happy birthday, little man.  Kanpai!
Orion Theodore on his third birthday!

Little "Don" Orion.  Only things missing is a big fat ring and a cat for his lap.

Did you notice yet? He's sitting up for his birthday pictures! 
"3"?  Next year I should bring something to represent braille "4"!

First photo ever of Orion
A brief story of Orion's birth.

First birthday
Slideshow video of Orion's first year, month-to-month photos.
A fun post covering Orion's First Birthday party and first cupcake mauling.

Second birthday
More memories from his 2nd birthday photo session in between homes.  We were no longer Maryland residents at that time nor were we living in Texas yet but vacationing in Washington state.


Here I light a virtual candle for the family of Ronda Johnson who passed away this morning from cancer.  I knew Ronda and her bright, fun personality from my playing days at Gallaudet University.  May her soul rest in peace.
For Ronda

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