Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Edge (of the Bed)

May 5, 2013:

I don't know if its a motherhood thing or closet ADHD thing...

And before I continue, Orion has developed a liking for tugging his diapers off. Yes, I appreciate it helps his hands develop strength and fine motor skills but I dislike the consequences of why he needs to wear it in the first place. So a kiddie belt was purchased for our little Deafblind nudist. Now back to the point...

I was hauling a bucket of fresh kitty litter from the garage to the master bath.* Thomas' mom, who was visiting for the weekend, stopped me in my tracks when she said there was something wrong with her recliner. Down went the bucket as I kneeled to investigate. Right away, Skyler started to yell excitedly from the open stairway, signing toward the master bedroom,"O-T! O-T!" I ran, thinking it was another streaking Orion episode.

Orion was still in his diapers, about to finish climbing onto our bed. He was on the carpet when I left him!

*(Master bath for a kitty? How appropriate! Thomas' brought our old kitty, Katra, home from his April visit in Maryland after being taken care of by sainted friends for 9 months.)

May 11, 2013:

I finally saw just how Orion was able to get up from the floor onto our bed. Check out my celebratory Smilebox of the photo evidence.

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  1. He is so smart! I love the way he uses his whole body to figure out how to get up on the bed. Amazing!!!

  2. Way to go Orion!! That is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing the video of his great achievement.

    Also, what is a kiddie belt? We are having the same issue with Logan. I actually wrote about it earlier this month as it has been really challenging. I would love your wisdom.

  3. Thanks Jessica and Melinda for your comments! Melinda, what I did was buy a belt, size 4T or so and identified all the shorts Orion has that has belt loops and used them. It works!!! He does get frustrated when he can't get them off, but I also give him stuff to play with to distract him from his mission. ;) Plan B is with any of those shorts without belt loops, I use packing or masking tape around the top of the belt but not tight. Hope that helps Logan!

    1. No belt with those gym shorts, I mean... I just use tape.

    2. Thank you! I thought it was a special type of belt, but to be honest we have not tried a regular belt yet. We have mostly been having him wear one piece outfits which he was growing out of but for summer months we have found a few 3T one piece shorts outfits. We will have to try a belt on separate bottoms for sure.

    3. Ooo, tell me more about the 3T one piece outfits. I'm lucky if he will leave his shirt on, too!

  4. this is so cool ! love how he stands up to do it

  5. The only place I have found them this size is at is Gymboree. Usually they are kind of expensive for clothes that, at his age, Logan will likely quickly stain or damage but right now they are having a sale where everything is $12.99 or less. The 3T one piece outfits can be found here:


    They only have three options but that is more than I have found elsewhere. They are pretty cute too!

  6. That is so amazing!! Way to go, Orion!!