Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Procrastinator's Liebster Award

You may have seen Liebster Awards swirling around in the blogosphere. It's probably the best virus there can be... no harm at all and fellow bloggers spread the good cheer!
"A Mom's Musings" was recognized by two fellow moms and I totally procrastinated on passing this Liebster award on! Not only I have procrastinated but I had to stop numerous times during the course of putting together this blog post to hug a kid or two, warm up a sippy cup of milk, talk about the rare rainy weather, play referee, transfer the TV remote from one kid to the other, pull out one kid who tipped over head first into an deep enclosed space, change a diaper and hug and happily play with that kid. Now I will tell you which blogs I nominated and it's totally up to the nominees to procrastinate as well or just accept the gesture! I know how busy we can get so don't feel bad at all if you can't pass it on; just take it as a PR thing for the great work you are doing with your child/children.

I have combined the answers sections from both awards and it's up to the nominees to use one, both or come up with something completely different.

The rules of the award:

1.) Link back to the person who nominated you and thank them. Thank you both for the hat tip! Sorry for taking so long. Even while I put it off, I continued to enjoy reading your blog posts.

- Jessica, mother of Tommy, at Thomas Marshall Does It All.

- Shannon, mother of Oliana, at I'm Fine But My Mommy Has Issues.

2.) Post award image on your site. (Done.)

3a.) List 7 random facts about yourself. (Shannon's Liebster variation)

  1. I LOVE to travel and I've touched at least one spot (not just airpot layovers but actual going about and doing things) on all the continents on this planet except for Antarctica.  Africa barely got counted but technically a week for Senior Trip in the Canary Islands off of Morocco counts. (Go '98!)
  2. My pet peeve is when one summons attention by blinking the overhead lights in a room of Deaf people, that summoner keeps the lights off too long in between and draws out the blinking, too.
  3. My single lowest score on country name/map tests during my 6th grade year was 98%. I still have the wrinkled, tattered certificate saying I averaged 100% for the entire year, signed by Mrs. Thompson at College Place Elementary School in Edmonds, WA.
  4. Transferring to Washington School for the Deaf (residential school) during my 7th grade year was the right thing to do for me. It was there that I grew into (well, I think!) a well-rounded person because WSD nutured more friendships, confidence, teamwork, independence... and mischeviousness.
  5. I love to play volleyball and participate in throwing events in Track and Field (usually hammer and discus).
  6. I've always enjoyed writing but I never dreamed I'd do far more writing as I've done in the last two years. My children, especially Orion, are my muses. If it's not in a blog post, it's in a journal.
  7. I'm in awe and touched by a whole new community... so vast it's like a new dimension.. of individuals, family, friends and professionals in the Deafblind and special needs community and education field. I never knew you could still meet so many more people and I'm glad I have. I'm not alone, my family is not alone, and all the other families I've met, read and talked with are not alone either. I love hearing their stories and sharing Orion's story.
3b. Part I) My Questions For the Next Liebsters: (Jessica's Liebster variation.)
  1. What kind of music do you like? Nearly anything danceable that I can nod my head to the beats. If there's something on the radio I like, that's all I can do.. like it. I have no idea the song, the singer/band, the lyrics... no idea. If I really really really wanted to know, like I did once, I'd call up the radio station and ask them what was played at 7:49 a.m. I enjoy pop, grunge, alternative, salsa, jazz... Michael Jackson, the Beatles, en Vogue and occasionally classical music... it's the CDs or music I have on my iPod. By the way, I've played some Michael Jackson for Orion and he enjoyed it! 
  2. What is your favorite holiday and why? I have to mention two: Halloween and Christmas. Halloween because we can dress up! I love Halloween decoration, attire, activities for children... and candy. I'm just sorry it's too scary for some children... it's supposed to be fun! It's the fun-giver's responsibility to keep it kid friendly! Personally, fake gore doesn't creep me out. Christmas is where I love checking out the holiday lights, holiday parties, putting lights up on our own home, putting on some Christmas CDs and DVDs, shopping for gifts (especially for children), the smell of the tree and hanging of ornaments, winter holidays with the kids home from school, taking care of Santa evidence and the kids' excitement on Christmas morning. 
  3. Have you changed since you became the parent of a child with special needs? I met so many more awesome people: DB individuals, families, professionals... online, and particularly in the last year at TSD, at DBMAT Family Weekend, workshops and the Texas DB Symposium. I also learned so much more about DB children and adults, braille, early literacy, technology and equipment, support services at school and in the community, communication and instructional strategies. Time does become an issue for me when I want to work on my own projects.
  4. How do you handle "advice" from strangers? If I understand, I say, "Thank You." If I don't, I ask them to repeat what they're saying or if I still don't understand but am getting that this is just unsolicited advice, I'll say something like, "It's OK. Thanks anyway," and continue on my way. 
  5. What kind of support is lacking for your child or their kind of special needs? Interveners at home (one-on-one professionals trained in Deafblindness.) whether it is in practice, expected or not... I believe this is what we all need, especially Orion. When I am writing or on the computer, I am definitely not giving Orion opportunities to connect to the going-ons in his environment or paying attention to my husband and kids. 
  6. Let's say you have a whole afternoon to yourself and $100 to blow. What would you do? (And I mean fun, not go buy groceries.) Like my husband says for himself, I totally forgot how to shop so I have to really rack my brain about this. We used to hit malls before we had kids. I can see where our financial flow goes instead these days. If I had this money to blow, I'd probably go to Home Depot and/or Michael's Arts and Crafts and start a DIY or art project... or I'd go buy some new clothes. 
  7. Name a cancelled show that you used to love to watch. "Whose Line Is It Anyway". Hilarious, wacky, spontaneous, surprising and off-the-cuff humor... guaranteed laughter from me! 
  8. Are you a big city, small town, or country person? I think I may be a small-big city person. This city MUST have a body of water.  Family nearby is a humongous plus... so water + family = Seattle, WA. I am happy with Austin, TX... my new city has many awesome ingredients minus family and mild weather. 
  9. What was the last concert you saw? One of those Sundays last summer at Seattle's History House Music in the Sculpture Garden Summer Concert Series (Sundays, 2-4 p.m., June through July). Fine local music to enjoy among off-the-wall sculptures and friendly off-their-rocker people.
  10. How long have you been blogging? I've been journal writing all my life with on and off periods. It just moved over to the digital format sometime after my first son was born in 2004. I posted pages of pictures of my kids for family in Washington state to see (I was living in Maryland) and then I discovered and finally, where I created "A Mom's Musings" in 2009. 
  11. What's your favorite edible treat? Gosh, I love food. It's hard to pick just one. What comes to mind right now are big juicy, freshly picked raspberries. 
3b. Part II) Create 11 new questions for your nominees.
  1. Where on this planet would you like to visit that you've never gone to before? 
  2. Where have you gone before that you just have to go back and visit? 
  3. Have you ever met a person with your or your child's disability before your disability became obvious/your child was born? 
  4. What's your favorite book? 
  5. Favorite dish? 
  6. Is there a rarely used pet name for your child? (Example, sometimes I say "Oriony".) 
  7. Is there something or support you or your child needs that you don't have right now? 
  8. What is your favorite childhood movie? 
  9. What's your favorite hobby to do if you actually, miraculously have time to do it? 
  10. What is one of your favorite things to do between yourself and siblings or you child and his/her sibling(s). 
  11. You're awake late into the night. Is it insomnia, your kid, or you creating your own free time since everyone else is asleep (that you'll pay dearly for later)? 
4.) Nominate 3 to 15 blogs (I combined the range of blogs from the two different Liebster awards.)

Er, I really don't have many blogs I visit often (My excuses are Facebook; I get distracted on the internet easily; and the most classic: blame it on the kids!) I am still slowly discovering blogs through my current blog list, so my list would definitely be longer later on. Here's what I can cough up today, Most are already listed in the sidebar on the right side of 'A Mom's Musings':
  • Kodiak, My Grizzly, blog written by the mother of Kodiak, an adorable boy with CHARGE syndrome. CHARGE is the most frequent cause of deafblindness in children.
  • The Independent Little Bee, blog full of ideas and accessible activities written by Robbin, a vision guru who also has several years of experience teaching deafblind children. I would call her a COBA (Child of Blind Adults) because her mother is blind; just like I'd say my daughter Anastasia is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults).
  • The Socially Inappropriate Mom.  Rachael is a brutally gracious, honest mother of two young daughters. Her oldest, Daisy, has an autism spectrum disorder and her youngest, Aria, is deafblind along with other health issues.
  • Tactile the World, written by Christine "Coco" Roschaert, an inspirational Deafblind woman who's been around our globe, trekking and or giving inspirational, educational and empowering presentations in different countries. I first met Coco when we both were at Gallaudet University.
  • An Exceptional Life, I just 'met' Melinda, who blogs about her blind son, Logan. What's funny is that we both blogged this month about our sons being "nudists"!  Her last blog post is appropriately titled, "Little Houdini". That's what I called Orion, too.
  • Just Another Ordinary Miracle is a blog written by Ivey's mom, Gwen.  I've been following Ivey, who is also deafblind, online ever since Orion's infancy days.  
  • I have to mention a friend I've been following on Facebook: Cat Valcourt-Pearce. I met Cat when we both were students at Gallaudet University. She and her husband, Larry, just welcomed their twin boys to their family this month. They're still in NICU, born premature, being closely watched and working on becoming Mr. Universe contestants. The twins have two big brothers, one who has Phelan-McDermind Syndrome. Cat's sense of humor is totally entertaining with reality of family life and disabilities wildly streaked with wit. In lieu of a blog, please read a Washingtonian article "Remains of the Day" by Matt Mendelsohn, which features Cat and her growing family from a wedding photographer/friend point of view. An excellent read, you will not be disappointed.
5.) Notify the bloggers that you nominated them. (Working on it! I will provide links to them back to this post, too.)

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  1. Thank you for the award and linking me to your post. I'm going to check out the other bloggers you listed as well. I commented and left your link on my blog as well...