Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Laundry Back-Up: Orion

Time does help you realize things.  Just when I think it sucks our apartment does not have a washer/dryer in our unit, it's a blessing.  If it's actually in an apartment, it is just a washer and a dryer.  The laundromat I was forced to go to... what, the whole place? Pick any 2 or 3 to use at a time? Candy store effect!  I am usually in and out, regardless the number of loads and completely dry, just over an hour.  (Wash: 26 minutes, dry: 36 minutes.)

With Thomas on the road driving our 'newsed' Odyssey with Falkor from Maryland, I had to take Orion with me to the laundromat today.  Thomas was going to fly home on Monday but when he was able to trade in our sorry old van last Friday for a new one, it was an opportunity we couldn't ignore.  Especially when it will allow us to bring Falkor home sooner than planned.

Anyway, back to the laundromat.  I usually try to go alone on errands, it's faster that way or so I thought.  Orion and I left the laundromat a little later today than I'd usually take. Why? We were having FUN!!!

I put Orion in the laundry cart and proceeded to add warm, dry clothes.  I started to play peek-a-boo with him.  Pillowcase over his head, off his head.  On his head again, off.  Orion smiled and giggled.  He pulled some clothes to his face. Sniff-sniff. A grin spread across his face.  So cute, happy and educational!  I will take him to the laundromat again next week.  Happily.

At least the laundry I'm airing on the Internet is clean!


  1. Lol, I LOVE this. Do keep sharing, Hex! - Jules

  2. It does give me warm fuzzies and all smiles. Thanks for sharing. Need it especially after a terrible incident today early afternoon. I love fresh laundry especially out of dryer! So sweet. :o) BTW, who's Falkor - your dog? Isn't that name is from that flying dog in "the never ending story" movie?

  3. Correct, Nanette! We named Falkor after the flying luckdragon in 'The Neverending Story'. She's a medium American Eskimo. She's so fast she seems to still accelerate running uphill. BTW, I sent you an email.

    Jules, it was a fun memory to share. Glad you enjoyed it!


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