Monday, August 20, 2012

Orion's New Ride

August 19, 2012: Orion is 2 years, 1 month old.  A week of waiting for Austin FreeCycle Network moderators to approve my request to join passed by.  I love contributing and finding things in FreeCycle so it's disappointing to me they are not following through here!  I finally succumbed to visiting the local ToysRUs.  I've been wanting to get Orion a "foot-to-floor" ride on toy ever since Orion did fabulously on a ride on toy my parents had in Washington state.

I love that he is interested in sitting up on it and he explores the ridiculous, unrealistic features on it.  So, I got one here for Orion.  The cool part is that there's a ring around the top of it so Orion can hold onto it to stabilize himself.  He will not need that forever.  It has buttons, things that pop open, a turn key, all of them make noises when pressed. When he was wearing his CI processor, he laughed at the noises but I don't think he realized where it was coming from.  It's a good, fun start for him.

Skyler admires Orion on his shiny new ride. Austin, 8/20/2012.

Orion checks out the one from Grandma and Grandpa's toy lot. Bothell, WA. 7/16/2012.

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