Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Remembering Gma, Dorothea Nordstrand

Dorothea Mary Pfister Nordstrand, my grandma, passed away the morning of May 16. She was 95 years old. She was an incredible person, a lot of people have been touched by Gma. It is difficult when I remember that I will not see her again.

There is plenty to appreciate about Gma, one is her writing. Her writing voice is wonderful as I got to know and appreciate her work when she started to really crank out articles and stories in her early 70's. She showed it was never too late and she wrote wonderfully. You can tell she had fun remembering places, events, travels, family members, friends, neighbors, plants, pets, ducks and a certain bug hiding out in someone's ear. She also researched and wrote history articles. Gma knew she has given us a gift that keeps on giving, in her compositions. She also has given us the gift of her love and friendship.

In our memories, her stories and who we are, her voice (or laughter) is still here with us.

You can visit Dixie Press to enjoy her collection of stories and see exactly what I'm talking about.


  1. Beautiful, Heather. She was a true matriarch, and my buddy. Her writings are an important and wonderful legasy. Many stories can also be found at and her book, Pork Neckbones, Sauerkraut & Rutabagas, is currently being printed. Yes, she started her writing career late in life and she never considered herself a "writer", but she felt a duty of sorts to get as many family stories as she could put down on paper, so we all would know and remember our history.

  2. Hi Heather! I love to read your blog & catch up on your sweet family! We can't wait for you all to visit this summer & come to play. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear GMA. You were blessed by such a wonderful example & fun Grandma to grow up with. Your pictures are wonderful & your heart for your family is a joy to read. May God give you strength in all the demands that come your way. Cindy

  3. You spoke highly of her every time she was brought up in our conversations. Great memories about her can be such a powerful treatment, like good memories of my Dad did for me.

    I don't think I need to tell you to think good thoughts of her because it seems to me from all those things you say about her, it is an automatic thought :)


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