Sunday, July 5, 2015

Orion's Pool Time (VIDEO)

Orion is currently in a 4-week ESY (Extended School Year) at TSD.  There's been a "change of guard" with a new teacher who's been working with him during ESY.  We are blessed she will continue on to be his teacher for the upcoming academic year.  Orion will be in KINDERGARTEN!  Be still, my heart!

I'm sharing a video of Orion transition to the pool during the first week of ESY (also the first week with his new teacher).  There is always an adult with Orion, from getting on the school bus in front of our house in the mornings all the way to getting off the bus at home.

In this video, Orion transitions from the classroom to the school pool where he gets in the water with his new teacher who is coached by Orion's interveners.  You will see hand-under-hand technique and "wait time" (allows time for feeling, processing and responding).

To see other Orion videos, you're welcome to visit the "Video" tab which is between the top of this post and the bottom of the blog header.

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  1. He looks so comfortablin the water! Way to go, Orion!