Monday, February 10, 2014

Object and Touch Cue… and Crying (Video)

Hi- It's happy-go-lucky me! I know, I know, my eternal optimism may rub the wrong way on some folks.  But today I have something a little different for you that's not so rah-rah: crying!  It's on video!  It's not something I'm proud of but something we all accept as part of raising kids (up to a point!)  The purpose of the video is share with you examples of us using an object cue and touch cue to communicate with Orion what's going on.

Whether it is Orion in this video or my other kids bickering in the back seat of our van, I have the luxury as a Deaf individual to thwock my lone hearing aid out of my ear and set it down.  (Yes, I lost the other one some time ago.)  And enjoy that blissful silence… perhaps with some caffeine, vanilla syrup and milk froth.

And the crying ensues:

You can learn more about object cues an touch cues at Project Salute's website:

Object Cue:

Touch Cue:


  1. Wow, Mom! You are so good! Sometimes even communication doesn't stop the tears when a boy doesn't want to take medicine. BUT having a mom who is so patient and clear, especially about having the whole nasty liquid finished does result in a child with a smile. Hang in there....I am not very good at taking my medicine either, but I always remember my Mom saying it was for my own good.

    1. Right! At least we all know what's happening and what to cry about than being restrained "for no reason" and a nasty-tasting liquid is dispensed in our mouth! I struggle with that, especially when he has to go to the ER or any hospital admission (guaranteed scary IV experience). That doesn't happen often and.. it's probably confusing and scary to him. *sigh*


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