Monday, September 23, 2013

Orion's Third Birthday Party: Photos and a Video

We hosted Orion's 3rd birthday party at a pool on his actual birthday, July 19th.  (Many thanks to T.S. for helping with the cake time photos!)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Orion!
 Orion's name is tactile via glued yarn as well as brads punched in as braille cells for each letter.  The "Happy Birthday" banner can be used for anyone's birthday.  The birthday kid has his/her own name banner.

Devil's food cupcakes!

Orion as his latest birthday casualty awaits candle lighting.
We make a point of giving him an extra candle (green one in this video) when it's time to light up his cake! Check out this link to his 1st birthday party photo- he's checking out a candle.

Skyler and Anastasia blow out the candles.

Sugar-loading siblings.

Animated Orion on the pool "beach" with spray features.

Two of Orion's classmates came!

The girl was leading the boy by his hand around the water features.  So cute!

The Withrow boys

I think Orion had an exciting afternoon. Do you agree?

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