Friday, March 22, 2013

Orion and Articles (of Clothes)

Whenever he can, Orion chooses to take his shorts and shirts off. He started doing it maybe a month or two ago no matter what the temperature was.

It goes along with his love/hate relationship with footwear. He loves to check out anyone's shoes that were left laying around but he will cry and kick off the shoes we put on him!  Amazingly he has not put his mouth on the sole! (Thank you thank you thank you!  I do not want to scare him having take the shoe from him!)  I do recall when we lived in Maryland and it was during the bitterly cold wintertime, Orion would leave his shoes or socks on.

Thomas and I always thought he should be barefoot so he could gather more information through his feet. But as someone who will one day walk, he needs to wear shoes to keep his feet safe.  I'm always on the hunt for shoes with delicate yet protective soles.

There's more to the early part of the process here that I plan on catching next time.

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  1. Logan is the same way about clothes! I am actually working on a post about him loving to remove his pants and take one arm out of shirts. He goes the opposite way with his shirts than Orion and tries to always pull them down usually getting stuck.
    Koala Kids once sold some really great soft but durable soled shoes but I could not find them for sale any longer online. I think they only went to size 6 anyway though. Logan loved his squeaker shoes when he first started standing. They didn't have the best soles but made the originally dreaded shoe wearing more pleasant for him. Now he seems to mostly prefer shoes that fit really well. He has narrow feet and does really well in a pair of Puma Velcro shoes that were donated to us as they are rather narrow. He takes any shoes that feel loose at all off immediately. We tend to use shoes only when out and often still compromise with him on bare feet when possible. Good luck!


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