Monday, January 7, 2013

Orion's Biopoem

Also known as Orion Theodore,
Long and lean with snowy white hair and lashes,
Ice-melting smile, rich laughter,
Has a self-amusing sense of humor,
Little brother of Skyler and Anastasia,
Youngest son of Thomas and Heather,
All recently relocated to Austin from Metro DC Maryland,
His family is Deaf except for his sister,
Profoundly deaf and only his right eye has some light perception,
Wears white bilateral cochlear implants that frequently fall off,
Enjoys hearing danceable music, rhythm and voices, vocalizing his own sounds,
Predictable tickles, swinging and wind in his hair bring giggles and happy feet,
Would welcome eating cupcake after cupcake with his own hands,
Learns through experience, routines, thus object symbols and then tactile signs,
His body does not follow the conventional 24-hour day, 
Often stays/wakes up at night "partying" at Mom and Dad's expense,
He has mild osteopetrosis, also known as dense bones,
Although he can sit, he loves to lay around and lean on people,
He will explore objects within reach,
Especially HOLES,
We need to help him learn to get up, down, crawl and walk,
In spite of loud crying objections during physical therapy,
So he can have stronger bones and muscles
And then explore some more!

Created by Mom,
a.k.a. Heather Withrow
January 6, 2013

Let me know if you learned anything about Orion (or if I totally overlooked something).  This was created to be part of a communication portfolio or "passport" to Orion so that anytime a new person is going to work with Orion he/she will get the big picture in a single read.


  1. I have never heard of a biopoem. Really cool idea!

  2. Hi, I came here from another blog (Thomas Marshall) that mentioned you. I'm trying to compile a list of special-needs blogs so that people can find them easily. Would you consider adding your blog to Hopefully it can help get you more traffic as well. Thanks!


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