Monday, June 11, 2012

More "MORE", Please!

June 10, 2012: Orion Theodore Withrow, in his own way, signed "MORE" for more cinnamon bread sticks, again and again, piece after piece.  We all saw it!  It was an incredible feeling!  For each "MORE" he signed, I signed "MORE" in response directly on his chest and gave him a piece.  (He doesn't really put his hands on ours when we sign.  That will come sooner or later.) This sign was 100% Orion-powered!  I raised my arms in victory.  The kids were excited, too!

I am not fond of Pizza Hut.  Last night we were all pooped from having a huge yard sale, it was hot, the boxes strewn around our home were annoying so we caved in and called Pizza Hut for our fine meal.  Cinnamon bread sticks were ordered, too.  Obviously Orion liked them so much he signed "MORE" after he finished each cut piece. OK, Pizza Hut, you have helped create history here for us.

I would describe his "MORE" as hands coming together almost as if to pray, getting some t-shirt in between.  The key here was to wait for him to sign it, than predicting what he wanted and giving it to him.  It's not always like this.  We need to make sure he has plenty of opportunities to try to say something.

He has from time to time signed what looked like "MILK", I would say is his first sign but it's vague.   Did he WANT milk or did he want MILK? Nothing definite like a learned movement like the sign "MORE".

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