Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fantasy Flight 2011

Orion and family was invited via CBSS to Fantasy Flight 2011.  This was an annual project of Children's Hospice International and United Airlines at Dulles airport.  There was clearly a lot of thought, effort, love and time put in this magical event.

We arrived at Dulles early the morning of December 10. They went all out, Christmas style from picking up boarding passes all the way to the end of the party after arriving at North Pole.  I was so happy to see Christmas spirit, full throttle. We went through security like any other trip, there was face-painting and donuts, fruit and drinks at the boarding gate.  Glittering garlands draped the interior of the plane, signage was covered in wrapping paper, jolly flight attendants were donned in antlers, bells or Santa red.

This flight attendant was having so much fun!
Skyler and Tasia enjoy chocolate covered Peeps.

Orion and his new friend.

We love Mr. Grinch!  He was smiling and then when I(Mom) took this picture, Grinch quickly assumed his role by pouting!

Lovely Mrs. Claus.

We were able to convince Skyler to pose with the gorgeous Redskins cheerleaders.
(He is still a Cowboys/Seahawks fan.  Sorry!)

Holy moley and I thought I had a big head!
There were apparent challenges for the antlered or hat-wearing flight attendants while on putting the inflatable yellow life vest during the pre-flight safety instruction. We then took off into the sky.  Attendants pulled down all the window shades.  My Sky opened his again but luckily the plane was turning left and all he saw was pretty blue sky.  But later he kept opening and shutting it as I covered Tasia's eyes the best I could as she also pried my fingers off.  Orion was busy sawing a sequoia log in Thomas' arms.  The flight was around 30 minutes long.

After landing, we came out of the jetway into North Pole with cheerleaders, Nationals mascots, princesses, elves, families, friends, etc.  There were a lot of things going on... music, food, booths, night vision and infrared goggle demonstrations, people passing around goodies. Santa and Mrs. Claus came in to have pictures.  Orion was nearly all the way through his sequoia log as he was handed over to Mrs. Claus and the Big Claus himself.  Santa had gifts for every kid in attendance. 

Have you seen the pages of a Where's Waldo book?  This is what the jolly festivities reminded me of. Our neighbor said it would happen: we were touched.  Orion finished his log and had some yummy food before we left.  We conceded to the kids that it wasn't really the North Pole.  The real Santa Claus and North Pole was still so far away from us.

To know that there are people out there who give selflessly to enrich the lives of children is touching, comforting and inspiring.  Thank you so much.

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