Sunday, September 25, 2011

Orion's CI Activation

If you are new to this blog, I invite you to read an earlier post to learn about our decision to go ahead with the CI for Orion, "Cochlear Implant, It is".

Since Orion missed his first 2 CI (cochlear implant) activation appointments while in Children's National, I called Johns Hopkins on Monday (9/19) to see about adding 2 new appointments to 'work' with his already scheduled "3rd" CI appointment on 9/22.  He could come in for activation the next day, Tuesday the 20th.  So, there we go.

The external part of Orion's CI is white.  I'd like to say Apple white.  I oughta find a mini Apple sticker and put it on the magnet or processor.  Know where I can find one?

Orion was sleeping all the way from home, through them hanging the processor on his ear and the magnet sticking to his head.  They turned whatever it was, on, and Orion opened his eyes and turned his head then in a bit he started crying.  I understand the electrodes were being turned on one by one (there's many on the internal part, how many, I don't remember), and the audiologist was finding the levels he was comfortable with.  Unfortunately that includes going up to where it makes Orion cry, face turning red, then turn it down. Over and over again.

We went home with the CI on and a huge case of CI parts and accessories. Some of you might remember when your kid got a new hearing aid, there's this cute little lunchbox sized case...well, this is no lunchbox, it's more toward the size of an airplane carry-on.

The second part of the activation was on Thursday (9/22), he cried only once and was comfortable through the rest.  We met a lady, who will work with Orion on auditory 'habilitation.  She joined in for this appointment and told me Orion was doing much better... she'd heard him two offices over on Tuesday.  Yup, that makes sense.  Orion usually lets the whole lab and internal medicine waiting areas know he's getting his blood drawn, too.


  1. That video was amazing. I hope everything goes well for your little guy. He deserves a bright spot since he's been through so much lately.

    I can't wait to read more about his experiences!

  2. Glad he's learning to deal with it better. Turning them on must have freaked him more than just a little.


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