Saturday, October 30, 2010

Orion's Cute Little Accomplishments

Some of you may know our new son, Orion Theodore, was born deaf and blind on July 19th. His blindness was not a surprise as we found out while pregnant with him. I have faith in him, I have hope for him and I love him to bits as I do for Skyler and Anastasia, too. :::H

Orion at 14 weeks old (Week of October 25, 2010): The Tactile Explorer

All right, maybe not an all-out explorer but we're seeing the beginning of it with Orion. Yesterday he gently touched my face with his open palms and moved his hands around a little, getting some of my mouth, cheek, nose and an eye. He did the same with Thomas a little, perhaps it was enough he also felt Thomas' signature goatee.

Also, earlier this week he seemed to recognize the bottle at feeding time. He'd grab it more firm, somewhat guide it in the direction of his face. I'd then sign "milk" (squeeze his cute little forearm with my big hand) and then give him his bottle, much to his relief.

Orion at 12 weeks old (Week of October 11, 2010): His First Tactile Excursion

Orion held an arm out, straightened, as if to find something at an arm's length. Held it out to his side and brought it forward in front of him, found my chin and lower face. (I was holding him up a little in my arms.) This was repeated several times, not a fluke.

Precious little things are much appreciated! (Although 'little sleep' is something I want to be done with.)

I read about 'Little Rooms' (Space for Active Learning) for Deaf-Blind children that can be modified over time as the child grows. We used a play gym that we already had for our first 2 kids, to be Orion's first Little Room. At this time we want him to get feedback for his movements. We look forward to witnessing his reaction when one day soon he learns he can manipulate the pull-cord vibrating bugs.

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