Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aggravated Pregnant Woman

It is probably general knowledge that pregnant women get the occasional awkward comment. I was reading a blog, "What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman", and before actually going through the whole thing I thought to myself, “I am a mom, I’ve been pregnant before and I know exactly what NOT to say to other pregnant women.”

I realized that I might still be guilty of making quips that may have unintentionally g
one the wrong way on fellow moms. I do give people the benefit of the doubt that they mean well when they make comments to me. Honestly, it’s not worth being obstinate on brainless comments because in a way you poison yourself. But… actions can be louder than words! Like one brainless male did in a grocery parking lot while I was pregnant with either Skyler or Tasia at the time.

I pulled up in front of SuperFresh, a local grocery store, and saw an empty “mother/infant” parking spot in front and proceeded to turn into the lane to make a right turn into the cherished mommy spot. At the same time a 60 year-old-looking guy in a little car was coming up the lane and made a left into it. Oh I was so shocked! The spot was clearly marked with the pregnant woman and infant sign and the guy just gets out of the car and walks to the store knowing I was watching him with my jaw dropped. I found a different spot and parked. Still not calm, I picked up the signpost (it was removable, with weight at the bottom) and plopped it down in front of his driver’s side door so that he’d at least hopefully READ the information on the sign he has to move to get into his car.

I know the doctor said I was not to lift anything more than 20 pounds but It’s amazing what the hormones of pregnant women enable them to do while fuming out of the ears!



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