Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Orion's Physical Activities

Orion has made huge progress physically.  He is sitting up with less and less support.  When he is not trying to lay down in his favorite position, he accepts people holding him at his hips for sitting on the floor. And only last night, I took my hands away from his hips and he stay seated for 1, maybe 2 seconds before toppling over sideways!

I learned that children like Orion feel more secure with their body in contact with something.  There is contact from head to feet while laying on the floor.  When sitting, there is less contact, with his bottom, legs, feet and maybe hands if he's propping himself up with them.
January 3, 2012: Orion sitting up in the pseudoBumbo (5 minutes) Falkor is glaring at Katra outside the frame. 
January 14, 2012: Orion's having so much fun with a-buck-something shower curtain rings. I bought them for a different project for Orion and here he has other plans. Love it!

After 2 weeks of sitting sessions in this seat (company: Summer's Infant), Orion has accomplished 20 minutes of sitting. We are seeing an increase in Orion lifting his arms sideways when he's had enough sitting in the seat or highchair. We saw it clearly during a Prince George's County Infants and Toddlers home visit on January 12th. Up to this point and we still continue to sign "FINISH" and/or lift his upper arms right before we pick him up.  We particularly did the latter to teach him the gesture for "pick me up", or "done", since this is usually learned visually.

January 18, 2012: A different look at Orion: standing at couch for 14 seconds next to the PT, at PIP, Kendall School. (Photo by PIP teachers.)


  1. Have I ever mentioned that this picture Senoa caught of him standing at the PIP couch is one of my favorites!

    1. Ha! If you can tell me your name, I can tell you if you already mentioned this to me or not. :)