Here's part of our collection of nostalgic or recently-captured Orion videos, of him being plain cute or doing fascinating things as a deafblind child.  

May 2024
Cheese Puffs Giggles

September 2021
Finger Tap-Tap, Nail Clip-Clip

September 2020
Orion Explores Dad with his Cane

August 2018
Insights on Similarly-Sized Hands
This video is in American Sign Language, no audio available. Click on "CC" to view English captions. 1 minute 51 seconds. Created in 2016 and 2018.

June 2018
Orion Chills to Sean Forbes' "Watch These Hands" (Music video by Sean Forbes)

May 2018
A Boy, His Drink and a Straw

August 2017
A Mom's Musings: Meaningful Tactile Information for Orion
14 minute video, closed captioned (click on "cc" icon).

July 2017
At the Beach, Checking Out a Live Snail Shell
34-second video. Description is at the video's YouTube location.

Hi Again, HOPSA dress!
In this 2 minute, 11 seconds video, Orion is experimenting with standing with the support of a HOPSA dress.  Description is below the video at it's YouTube location.

June 2017
Enjoying Grapes
In this 29 second video, dated June 6, 2017, Orion is enjoying eating a bunch of green grapes.

May 2017
Don't Wanna Sit Down
24 seconds. Orion is fussing and not wanting to sit down in his carseat in this video.

April 2017
Touching "GROW"
This video is about Orion touching the ASL sign for GROW. It is 1 minute 5 seconds. Description is below the video at it's YouTube location.

Joyride in Caroline's Cart
This video is about Orion's Joy Ride in Caroline's Cart. It is 53 seconds long with music throughout. No dialogue happens. Description is below the video at it's YouTube location.

Taking Chances (Physically)
This video of Orion trying to squat and move around on a bed is 1 minute, 13 seconds. Description is below the video at it's YouTube location.

March 2017

A Little Trampoline for a Little Kid
Six year-old white-haired DeafBlind boy, Orion, checks out a little enclosed trampoline with support from his mom. The video is 1 minute, 40 seconds long. Description is below the video at it's YouTube location.

February 2017
What is Orion Saying? 
Orion is opening/closing his mouth.  Short video, 27 seconds.  Description is below the video at it's YouTube location.

January 2017
A Doctor's Glove Short (starring Orion)
A very short video clip of a DeafBlind 6 year old boy exploring an exam glove with his hand and his feet. (Further video description at it's YouTube location.) 32 second video.

A Shoe Short (starring Orion)
We captured Orion signing and it's shown in the first clip. The same video is shown again but with slower motion at certain significant points and has overlays of text explaining what I (mom) was doing. (Further video description at it's YouTube location.) 1 minute, 5 seconds.

November 2016
Meet SubPac
Orion explores SubPac, a tactile music experience. (Further video description at it's YouTube location.)

October 2016
DeafBlind Kids: Thoughts on Deafblindness and Milestones (Heather Withrow)
As a Deaf mom of a congenitally, pre lingually DeafBlind son I talk about how DeafBlindness is different than Deaf and Blind; how milestones are not and should not be kept on a timeline.  (This ASL video is closed captioned, to view, click on "CC".)

September 2016
Razoo Fundraiser and Orion's DeafBlind Intervener Internship Fund
Discussed is the intervener practicum fundraiser, Razoo's interest, and statistics on DeafBlind children from birth to 21, history of DeafBlind education in the USA.  (Further video description, full text of what is signed, at it's YouTube location. This video is in ASL, has subtitles and voice-over. 5 minute 4 seconds.)

Persuading Orion (to take his medicine)

August 2016
Feeling In The Van
Orion enjoys the music and the sensations of mom making the van rock. (Video description at it's YouTube location.)

July 2016
Orion at the Seattle Aquarium
Orion's mom uses the Hand-Under-Hand technique to explore the cold tidal pool creatures with Orion at the Seattle Aquarium. Orion touched sea urchins, an abalone and starfish in this video.

Orion Picks A Tomato

Orion Picks An Apple

June 2016
Really Happy Reel
Orion giggles, squeals, and laughs his way through this 2 minute video with special appearances by his big brother and sister, deaf family dog, Dad and a DeafBlind Intervener. (Minimal description is at the YouTube location, will elaborate soon when time is available.)

April 2016
Orion Gets A Haircut
This video is about Orion getting a home haircut.
Text of the subtitles is provided underneath the video at it's main location in YouTube.

Playing Through Touch
This video is about playing through touch and using anticipation, with Mom's fingers crawling up his chest to tickle his neck.  This gives Orion positive experiences with tickle and anticipation games.

March 2016
An Orion Favorite: The HOPSA Dress
Our 5 year-old deafblind son intensely enjoys spinning in a HOPSA dress. It is one of the many pieces of Lilli Nielsen active learning equipment available for children who need support in order to play. More information can be found at

The Cogswell-Macy Act
This is a video project I wanted to do to show who are behind each deaf-blind child: their families!  Who also makes a difference in deaf-blind children accessing their education? Trained teachers of the deaf-blind and interveners!  

Families of deaf-blind children were so gracious sharing their family and school pictures with me for this project. I was deeply touched and happy to put together this video and get it out there.  Orion's big sister, Anastasia, narrated this video!

Description of the narration/subtitle/images is underneath the video at it's main location in YouTube.

January 2016
Walking With Mom
Orion walks with his interveners every day but occasionally Mom wants to do it, too!  At the end of the day Thursdays at TSBVI, that's when the opportunity comes for Mom to walk with him.

Orion Uses a Straw
Description can be found in the text at the original YouTube video location.

October 2015
Talking and Eating
This video is about "tempting" and inviting Orion to read sign language tactually.

This video is closed captioned (with plans to add audio descriptions). Transcript is in the text after arriving at the original YouTube video location.

July 2015
This video was shot in July 2015.  It was rediscovered and edited for sharing in May 2016. 
(Video description: in view is most of the trampoline with, a brown haired 10 year old Deaf boy and a white haired 5 year old DeafBlind boy are on it.  The 10 year old is lightly jumping, the 5 year old works to sit up on his knees and balance, several times, with flops in between.  They are enjoying their time and the 5 year old laughs out loud throughout this video.)

June 2015
Orion's Pool Time
In this video, Orion transitions from the classroom to the school pool where he gets in the water with his new teacher who is coached by Orion's interveners.  You will see hand-under-hand technique and "wait time" (allows time for feeling, processing and responding).

May 2015
Transitioning to Music Time
Orion and his teacher, Amy, come into the classroom after lunch for some music listening pleasure.  In this video you will see some examples of tactile symbols and sign language (tactile sign language and touch cues).

April 26, 2015
Orion Checks Out the Breeze
Orion, sitting in his 5-point harness booster seat, sticks his left hand just outside the van window and explores the feeling of the wind.

January 20, 2015
Orion and the Balusters
In this 2 minute video, Orion uses the balusters to pull himself up to stand and after 4-5 minutes of being upright, he lowers himself down to sit.

July 2014
Orion On His Feet
Short clips of Orion standing and walking with support from Mom.

June 1, 2014
Burger Master
Orion signs "MORE" and "SANDWICH"; uses my hand to get burger and brings it to his mouth for a bite.

February 10, 2014
Object and Touch Cue… and Crying

December 11, 2013
Finger Tap Play
Orion and Dad take turns "piano" tapping each other's heads.

August 11, 2013
Where the Wind Blows (Hurricane Simulator at the Museum of Flight)
Orion enjoyed the very strong breeze from the fan.

July 19, 2013
Orion's 3rd Birthday (Us signing "Happy Birthday".)

June 2013
Orion's Communication: Gestures: MORE

Orion's First Year at TSD
A collection of video snippets of Orion/Amy (teacher) moments during the 2012-2013 school year, his first year at Texas School for the Deaf.

January 2013

January 21, 2013

December 2012

February 2012

Precious Steps 
February 15, 2012
Orion takes new steps at home in a gait trainer.  

Orion's New Milestone: Assisted Standing
February 29, 2012

Orion stands, assisted at the hip.

Orion Giggling
Orion giggles as he is tickled by Dad in the bleachers at one of Gallaudet University's basketball games. In this video Orion is 19 months old.

January 2012

Eating With A Spoon
Orion is 18 months old in this video.

September 2011

Exploring A Metal Bowl
September 26, 2011
Orion is 14 months old and enjoying getting acquainted with a large metal bowl.  What we appreciate in a couple-second glance, Orion needs more time to discover, matter-of-factly, a portion of the bowl.

July 2011

May 2011
Highchair Firsts Orion feeds himself his first cereal puff.

April 2011

March 2011
Orion: Fun In The Play Gym  Big sister Anastasia shows up and tickles Orion silly near the end of this video.

February 2011
Orion's Highchair Adventures  Mom spoon-feeding Orion; gagging on green beans; clean up and a little playtime.

January 2011
Orion's First Spoon-Feeding
Orion Playing With His Feet
We Wish You A Happy 2011  Skyler and Anastasia signs a short verse.

December 2010
Orion Plays With Links
Two Brothers, Snuggling Skyler realizes Orion has him in his grips.
Orion's First Hearing Aids
Just Another Afternoon In The Play Gym

October 2010

Tasia Rocks It Out At Chuck E. Cheese's
Play Gym  Orion is around 12-14 weeks old.

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