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I have an older blog "4Kg", Pre-Orion/Pre-MSSD Art Teacher (  Unfortunately I can't make it public from the original privacy setting.  'A Mom's Musings' is a great venue to share Orion's upbringing yet it's missing the wee days of Skyler and Anastasia as toddlers and preschoolers.  Guess I'm feeling nostalgic. I will add posts from time to time until I clean out my Xanga blog. (If anyone knows how to download all my old posts painlessly, please tell me how!)

Guess what 4Kg refers to. (Be quiet, Dania! ;) )

CJ Jones
March 12, 2008 [Skyler is 3 1/2 and Anastasia is 2 years old.]

See CJ's famous white teeth? (Not yellow!)
Yesterday afternoon, world-famous Deaf comedian CJ Jones gave a performance after school at MSSD's Theatre Malz. He was hi-llll-a-rious! I enjoyed his show very much- my first time, too. I had brought Skyler along, too, for his cultural and worldly experience.

After the show, Skyler and I practiced shaking hands so he'd know what to do when he went up to CJ to shake his hand. When CJ offered his hand, Skyler instead went the whole nine yards for a HUG! That's my boy. :)

Brookside Gardens Butterflies
July 10, 2007 [Skyler is 3 months shy of 3, Anastasia is 1 1/2.]

On July 2nd, we went to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD to check out "Flights of Fancy" which is a cozy conservatory chock-full of butterflies native to USA, Costa Rica and Asia. The latter two regioins boasted more fascinating designed and colored butterflies. We were all in awe! The flowers were blooming loudly in color, too! Unfortunately for us, the kids were also in awe with the rocks on the ground and they tried to 'feed' the plants the rocks.

Skyler checks out a winged creature.

It's not a lucky ladybug, I know, but if it's bigger does it mean I'm even LUCKIER? (Tasia's face is dirty from the dust from her hands after handling the rocks.)

The tea house overlooking the pond.

Thomas and Skyler find their way through the labyrinth.

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