Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Milestones, Just As Sweet

Mom and Orion hangs out in the TV room after his haircut
January was a month of progress for Orion after struggling with a very bad ear infection that got him admitted at Children's hospital and those annoying rashes.  It was as if he just took off once he recuperated from everything.

Around January 5th, Orion put an arm through a shirt sleeve by himself.  I first tapped his right hand, no response, so I helped him get started putting his hand through the sleeve.  Then I tapped his left hand and he put his hand through the sleeve by himself.

January 18, 2012: I attended a workshop, "Outcomes, Intervention Strategies and Teaching Caregivers", presented by Kat Stremel Thomas at The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ, near Trenton.  It was so nice to get out by myself.  Enjoyed driving and detouring/exploring like I could do freely when I was a Gallaudet recruiter "many years ago".  Kat is researching deafblind children considering or have received cochlear implants.

January 25, 2012: I introduced a toothbrush to Orion.  We both "brushed" his teeth.  When I had enough, I let him hold the brush.  He continued to slowly brush his front teeth with that distinct motion.  

He stood/leaned on the couch during physical therapy at PIP for 1 minute 30 seconds! The exclamation mark is there because last time he stood it was for 14 seconds.
Skyler spent a lot of time and several sheets of paper checking out the Brailler loaned to us from Prince George's County.

Orion loves to explore holes he can get his fingers in.  This wiffle ball was often checked out.
January 27, 2012: I finished Orion's new play apron.  I would have never thought of this on my own. :) It was forwarded to me from our DB specialist here in Maryland (CBSS) as well as a mom of another very cute blind boy (Thomas Marshall). There are many other ideas at the following link especially for blind children with some usable vision:

February 1, 2012: Orion's Prince George's County Infants and Toddlers Program team came and visited him at Kendall's Parent-Infant Program class.  One of Orion's teachers from Kendall PIP visited during a home visit by Prince George's County ITP back in December 2011.  It was a wonderful experience to see everyone connecting, discussing and observing all because they care about Orion.  I was pleased.  Lucky little guy!

February 4, 2012: Gma D's birthday. (Dorothea Nordstrand.) She would have been 96 today. My mom, uncles and family were at History House in Seattle to launch Gma's book of Green Lake girlhood memoirs, "Pork Neckbones, Sauerkraut & Rutabagas".  Gma would have been very proud of her family.

Orion finished off an entire NUK sippy cup of milk.  It's still very much like a bottle with its soft top. We're trying to transition him to sippy cups.  

Orion stood upright for a few seconds as I held him centered, all weight on his feet.  It happened just that one time. All the other times, he stood up/bowed over looking like a toddler Gamma (Γ).  

Orion has no problems putting his arms through shirtsleeves by himself, prompted or not.

Before snip-snipping during his slumber.
February 5, 2012 (Superbowl): Snip-snip went Orion's snowy hair as he was sleeping. He had long white hair on the top of his head that seem to sway like sea anemones when he's moved around.  I saved clippings.  His hair is so beautiful.  Looks more like a toddler boy than a baby now. 
Orion, the next day after his haircut; Skyler is checking out the deer in our backyard.
I continue to appreciate the little accomplishments.  Yes, Orion is not as speedy in progress as our "typical kids" but each accomplishment is met with a "Yesss!" and/or a quarterback fist pump.  This is Orion's pace: Little and Often!  Seek the good in all situations if you can.  For example, if your little emerging reader gets in trouble for writing a sentence with an obscene word; even though I'd frown at the word selection, I'd still ask, "Was the grammar correct?"


  1. I enjoy reading your kids' progress. Yup, you're right, Orion now looks like a toddler, and quickly learning quite a lot. I absolutely love the activity jacket!

  2. "Little and Often"...I love it!