Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting Footage with His Feet

Orion finished Extended School Year (ESY) last Friday and isn't due to return to school until it starts for the 2015-2016 school year on August 24th.

He slept through our Mayfield Park peacock visit earlier this week.  The plump, poshly plumed peacocks were very close to His Highness as he snoozed in his special stroller.
Orion, in the stroller, as Anastasia, Skyler and Dad looked at the peacocks.

Not only this week, but in the last couple months, he has been interested in getting up and walking with assistance to certain destinations: Mom and Dad's bed, the bathtub, and his highchair.  Several times this week he walked from his playroom (it's his bedroom but he still sleeps with us) all the way to his highchair in the kitchen.  The same thing happened from the office in the front of the house to the kitchen in the back of the house.  I wish he'd like to use the walker we borrowed for him.  Our backs are saying, "Ow!" as we hunch over or squat to support Orion at the armpits.  I even walk on my knees to save my back. Often he prefers to be held, all 37 pounds of him.  I've joined a membership program at a nearby massage establishment.  It may still not be enough.

As he is walking, he is trailing the wall, tables, the couch with his hand and when he crosses empty space he has his arms extended in front of him with his fingers outstretched.  (Do I hear our O&M people hooting and hollering?!)

Now, how did we know to go to the kitchen, bed or bathtub?  We didn't.  We followed his footsteps. We admire his knowledge of the territory, we admire that he knows what he wants and where to go for it.  A foot in front of the other...  He's getting plenty of footage in! One day Orion will be able to cover a mile and reach beyond, just like his I Run 4 buddy Greg!

Skyler and Orion relaxed on the plush backyard lawn in the evening shade.